SantaCorporation is a leading provider of quality voice aggregation services With a strong commitment to achieving technical excellence and providing customers with reliable solutions, our services are equally attractive to wholesale aggregators and retail service providers. We also cater to smaller carriers looking for reliable routing partners. Santa helps providers and carriers from all segments of the industry succeed with a range of international voice termination products that provide A-Z coverage and benchmarks to fit your requirements.

SantaCorporation offers its customers the following options

Santa Premium Rates

Premium is Quality focused product which provides the highest quality voice termination via VoIP/TDM direct routes and handpicked suppliers, with higher-than-market-level Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER). Which in turn ensures stability and trustworthy quality. It implies only high quality, stable routes with a high level of CLI transmission.

Santa Standard Rates

Designed primarily for cost-driven retail operators and resellers. It is a combination of the minimal rate and optimal quality. Standard Voice is a mix designed for companies who are looking for premium like quality and wholesale like price. Wholesale Voice combines extensive code coverage and advanced routing management to deliver stable quality and great value.

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